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Alley Kat is a bartender, performer, and model based in Orange County, California. She has always had a love for the arts. She first entered the alternative scene after joining her first metal band in high school. After being in the music scene for 10 years she put that to rest and pursued a career as a professional Dominatrix. This career is what funds all her side hustles. She says what she does is fun and it pays the bills but it won't last forever. Her ultimate goal in life is to own a theater club. Taboo, burlesque and fetish all in one.

Her side hustles include bartending, performing, and modeling.   

She started bartending in 2017 at various bikini bars in Orange County. She says she started gong to bars when she was 17 so bartending came very natural to her. She currently bartends at The Palms Gentleman's Club in Signal Hill when she is in town.

She always had a love for dance.  In her early years she practiced gymnastics and cheerleading.  Throughout high school she took ballet classes.  In 2016 she started taking pole dancing classes and discovered a new way to be in the spotlight.  Since then she has learned new performance acts such as lyra, angle grinding, burlesque, fire and stapling. 

Her first modeling gig when when she was 14 in Santiago, Chile. This is when she first discovered her passion for modeling.

Calling herself a Renaissance witch she claims to do it all.  She in very adaptable and a fast learner. She is open minded and always longing to be the center of attention.

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